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9. Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorimeter

Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorimeter

The Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer from Varian (now Agilent) has the following features and capabilities.

  • Selected Features: (for details, please see Fluorimeter Features)
    • High Sensitivity- Limit of detection
      • 1.0 picoMolar fluorescein using standard cell
      • 10 picoMolar fluorescein using 40 ul microcell
      • 750:1 S/N for Raman band of H2O, 350 nm excitation,excitation and emission slits 10 nm.
    • Wavelength Range from 200-900nm for both excitation & emission monochromator; zero order selectable
    • Wavelength Accuracy of +/-0.5nm at 541.2nm and +/- 1.0 nm from 200-900 nm
    • Fast scan speed of 24,000nm/min without wavelength shifts versus slower scan speeds
    • Spectral band pass - Excitation: 1.5, 2.5, 5,10,20 nm & Emission: 1.5, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 nm
    • Wavelength Reproducibility of +/-0.2nm
    • Lamp Pulse width at half peak height ~2 us, peak power equivalent to 75 kW
    • Variable Temperature Range: -10C - 100C
    • Stir plate
    • Wellplate Reader Accessory - It is best to use wellplates ordered from Agilent as the accessory is already aligned for them.
    • Manual Polarizer Accessory
    • Temperature Probe Accessory
  • Applications
    • Able to capture one phosphorescence data point every 1 microsecond up to 10 seconds
    • Able to capture one fluorescence data point every 12.5 milliseconds up to 999 sec.
    • Able to capture one bio/chemiluminescence data point every 40 microseconds up to 10 sec
  • Operation Instructions
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This is a self-train instrument, however, a user account is required to use the instrument. Please contact elsa_robertson [at] ucsb [dot] edu (Elsa Robertson) for a user account.