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Web Scheduling

Direct Login


FBS Policy:

  1. Schedule time on all MRL NMR Facility instruments.
    1. Login to FBS.
      NOTE: you must receive an invitation to FBS via email
    2. Select the "Scheduling" button at the top. Navigate to your desired instrument and schedule time.
    3. Once your time is booked, and you are ready to start, you will need to use your phone or our scheduling computer in the lab to log-on to your FBS account and click "Start" timer in the "USER" tab (this will activate the monitor). You will then log-on to the machine with your given username and password, then run your experiments. Once you are done with your experiments, you will click "Stop" timer (from your phone or our scheduling computer) to stop the re-charge ($) and turn off the monitor. NOTE: You must remember to stop your timer or you will continue to be recharged.
    4. Rules:
      • Everyone will be given a username and password for instrument computer login but your UCSB NetID credentials will be used for FBS:
        For NMR FBS invitation or login username and password contact Jaya
      • Time Limitations:
        • Minimum booking = 15min and Maximum = 2hrs during 9:00am-6:00pm for Varian 600MHz NMR spectrometer.
        • No limits for the 400DNP, 500MHz solution state NMR, 500MHz WB NMR, 800MHz NMR, 300MHz SWB NMR, EPR, QCM-D or Fluorimeter unless overcrowding occurs.
      • A "No Show" fee will be charged for 75% of the hourly charge, make sure to cancel unneeded reservations.
      • If the actual time is longer then the reservation time the actual time will be charged. If the reservation time grossly exceeds the actual time then the reservation time will be charged.
      • All samples must be labeled with the user's name and removed from the lab when finished with experiments
  2. Walk-in usage: the spectrometers can be used on walk-in basis if they are idle or if the person who has reserved the time slot doesn't show up within half an hour of his/her scheduled time. It is recommended to always reserve time for the instrument online to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  3. A meeting will be held in case of occasional rushes to use the instruments.
  4. The MRL Spectroscopy staff reserves the rights for spectrometer maintanance, troubleshooting, and repairing.