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Cheetham Lecturer

Anthony K. Cheetham

The annual Cheetham Lecturer award was established in 2008 in honor of Anthony K. Cheetham, FRS, the founding director of the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) at UCSB:  a National Science Foundation Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC).

The Cheetham Lecture honors a scientist who not only has made outstanding contributions to materials research, but also has had a strong impact on industrial applications.  The Cheetham Lecturer presents their work at the annual Materials Research Outreach Symposium (MROP) held at UCSB.

Previous Recipients

2008 Tony Cheetham (Inaugural Lecture)
2009 Jean-Marie Tarascon
2010 Karen Wooley
2011 Stuart Parkin
2012 Bert Meijer
2013 Mercouri Kanatzidis
2014 Ellen Williams
2015 Geoffrey Coates
2017 Jennifer Lewis
2018 Stuart Rowan
2019 Clare Grey
2020 Timothy P. Lodge
2022 Jeffrey R. Long