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October 2023

Carlos Levi and Thuc-Queyn

Congratulations to Carlos Levi and Thuc-Queyn Nguyen for being inducted into the National Academy of Engineering!

August 2023

Elizabeth Murphy From the University of California, Santa Barbara

The PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award has anounced the winners for the Fall 2023 ACS Meeting in Indianapolis. The winners are Elizabeth Murphy From the University of California, Santa Barbara, Hannah Dedmon From North Carolina State University, and Atalaya Wilborn From Harvard University. The...

June 2023

The MRL is pleased to announce that the National Science Foundataion has awarded UC Santa Barbara's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) 6 years of funding.  The center will focus on developing 1) new chemistries and processing methods to enable solvent-free manufacturing of...

April 2023

Please join us in congratulating Allison Chau for being selected to join an exclusive group of around 600 graduate students from all around the world to attend the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting later this year.
For those curious about these meetings: 

March 2023

Professor Megan Valentine's Soft Matter article “High-throughput microscopy to determine morphology, microrheology, and phase boundaries applied to phase separating coacervates” has been featured in an online themed collection to highlight some of the most popular articles published in the...

February 2023

We are absolutely delighted to share that Professor Quyen Nguyen has been elected to membership of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) with the citation:
"For leadership in education and diversity, and research in organic photovoltaics for energy-efficient...

June 2022

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Segalman is the recipient of
the 2022 Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical
Engineering from the AIChe.
The award is to be presented at the Institute’s Honors Ceremony during
We am delighted to share that Professor Rachel Segalman has been awarded one of the 2022 E. O. Lawrence Awards of the Department of Energy
Please join us in congratulating Vedika Shenoy for being awarded the 2022 Tirrell Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Research. The annual award recognizes a graduating senior who showed...

May 2022

In honor of the former UCSB Dean of Student Residents, Margaret T. Getman, and the former
Director of Admissions, William J. Villa, these annual awards recognize university
staff, faculty, and departments that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment