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Access & Training

Request Training

  • A one-time training fee will be incurred which includes instructor time and instrument time. The fee is $100 per trainee per instrument.
  • Solution and Solid-State NMR: Please fill out the NMR Training Request Form and indicate which NMR instrument(s) you would like to be trained on.
  • EPR, ENDOR, QCM-D: Please fill out the Spectroscopy Training Request Form and indicate which instrument(s) you would like to be trained on.

MRL Spectroscopy Training Manuals

MestReNova Download Instructions

ALL SAMPLES must be labeled with the users name when brought into the lab

Users of the MRL spectroscopy facility are REQUIRED to go through training before using the following instruments:
Please see below for more information on training schedules and how to register

  • EPR: Training on the EPR Spectrometer is by appointment with preferrably a minimum of 2 people, however, individual training can be scheduled if necessary. Everyone must first be trained on the room temperature experiments before moving on to a cryogenic or ENDOR experiment.

  • QCM-D: Training on the QCM-D is by appointment with the Spectroscopy Research Associate. A QCM-D account will be issued after a successful training.

  • Solution NMR Spectroscopy: Training for solution NMR is given by appointment basically anytime throughout the year. Alternatively, you may be trained by a skillful NMR user. In either case, you have to demonstrate by taking a mini quiz the ability of independent operation and understanding of basic solution NMR spectroscopy before you have access to the NMR facility.

  • Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy: To be trained to perform solid-state NMR, the user must complete the training and pass the demonstration for solution NMR first. The user will then be trained, either in group or individually, by the development engineer. It is strongly recommended that you watch and follow other solid-state NMR wizards doing experiments to acquire experience and tips in solid-state NMR. Thourough knowledge on personal safety and instrument proper function is essential. Again an account will not be issued until you show your ability in handling simple solid-state NMR operation.

Self-train Instruments:

  • Fluorimeter: Operating the fluorimeter is very user-friendly and very straightforward, and therefore training is optional. Experiments are easily, and readily performed on samples by following the basic procedure. Before operating the instrument you must request a user account by contacting elsa_robertson [at] ucsb [dot] edu (Elsa Robertson )