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Radiation Safety

Maintaining a safe working environment is our highest priority in the x-ray facility. Because of the serious health hazards associated with exposure to x-rays, we have adopted a number of safety mechanisms to prevent such occurrence. These safety measures are described below:

  • All x-ray sources and instruments are contained in radiation shielding enclosures. There are no x-rays above the ambient background outside the enclosures.
  • All radiation enclosures are interlocked with x-ray shutters. No shutter can be opened when enclosure is open.
  • Status of x-ray generators and shutters are indicated by fail-safe warning lights (x-rays will not turn on when lights burn out)
  • Periodic radiation surveys are conducted by the facility staff and UCSB Environmental Health & Safety to check the radiation level and safety mechanisms.
  • A Geiger counter is available at each instrument for users to monitor radiation levels (should be 0 above background)
  • Radiation dosimeter badges are worn by users to monitor potential exposure
  • Only trained and authorized staff members are allowed to perform maintenance on x-ray generators and instruments


Report malfunctioning of x-ray machine immediately

In addition to radiation hazards, users are urged to also pay close attention to other laboratory hazards such as fire, electricity, chemicals, etc. All users must complete a EH&S mandated laboratory safety class and receive radiation safety training before working in the lab.