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Recharge Rates

The MRL x-ray facility is operated on a recharge basis. Current recharge rates (effective 07/01/2018) are as follows:

Instruments/Resources On-Campus Rate ($/hr) Off-Campus Rate (Academic/Non-profit) ($/hr) Off-Campus Rate (Private/For Profit) ($/hr)

Commercial Diffractometers
(MRD & MPD Thin Film & Powder, Rigaku Smartlab, XRF)

39.60 61.38 118.80

Specialty Diffractometers
(Intermediate and Ultra SAXS, WAXS)


45.42 87.90

Nikon Microscope


42.05 81.39


Staff Research Associate 68.66 106.42 106.42
Research Physicist 168.51 261.19 261.19
Specialist 63.99 99.18 99.18

Structural Databases

free to users


For UCSB users, a campus charge account number is required prior to setting up a valid user name. For off-campus users, a blanket P.O. number and a bill to address should be provided before any work in the facility. Accounts will be billed on a monthly basis. It is the responsibility of the users to update account information by contacting staff members. Expired charge accounts will result in suspension of user previleges.