The innovation engine for new materials

IRG 2: Correlated Electronics

The development of the scientific foundation for new technologies based on the unique transport properties of complex oxide heterostructures prepared with unprecedented perfection and purity.


Susanne Stemmer (Co-leader) Materials
Chris G. Van de Walle (Co-leader) Materials
James Allen Physics
Leon Balents Physics & KITP
Michael Chabinyc Materials
Ram Seshadri Materials
James Speck Computer Engineering


A. Bhattacharya Argonne Natl. Lab.


Schematic of a distorted perovskite structure (GdFeO3-type) adopted by many of the correlated oxides that are the subject of this program. TM = transition metal, i.e., Ti or Ni; R = rare earth ion. The TM- O octahedra (shaded green) are rotated or tilted.