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Information for New Postdoctoral Researchers

Welcome to UCSB! The following page will guide you through the items that you will need to complete as an incoming Postdoctoral Researcher. It will also direct you to information on important matters such as benefits, visas, and housing.


Please review and complete the following:

  1. Biography Form and CV:
    Please download the Biography Form at the following link: Biography Form
    Please complete and return the form to us with your CV and publication list. 

  2. Evidence of Ph.D.
    Prior to your arrival at UCSB, please provide evidence that you have your Ph.D., or that you have completed all of the requirements for the Ph.D.

Visa Information
It is important to begin visa planning well in advance of your anticipated arrival to UCSB. The UCSB Office of International Students and Scholars website provides an informative overview of visa options, of which a quick summary is given below.

  • J1 Visa:
    Most international Postdoctoral Scholars apply for J1 status in the Research Scholar category. The J1 visa can be extended for up to a five year period of stay, has a relatively quick processing time, and is fairly inexpensive; there is currently a $180 fee, plus any consulate application fees. The visa does carry a two-year home residency requirement for certain countries. For detailed information on the J1 visa, please click here and follow the links for "Prospective J1 Scholars" below the "Scholars" menu at the top of the page .
  • H1B Visa:
    The H1B application procedure is lengthy, expensive, and requires a considerable amount of documentation. Generally, this visa is not processed for incoming postdoctoral scholars.

  • F1 OPT Visa:
    If you are currently on an F1 student visa, you should apply for F1 Optional Practical Training through your current university. This will give you authorization to work for 12 months on F1 OPT status in a position in the area of your degree. The F1 OPT status can be extended for an additional 24 months. For more information on F1 Optional Practical Training, please click here .

To coordinate visa matters please contact sylvia [at] mrl [dot] ucsb [dot] edu ( Sylvia Vogel ) (MRL applicants) or sara [at] mc-cam [dot] ucsb [dot] edu ( Sara Bard ) (MC-CAM applicants). 

Information on Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits
As a Postdoctoral Scholar, you are eligible for enrollment in University health insurance programs which include medical, dental and vision insurance. Complete information on the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits for which you will be eligible can be found at:

You will enroll in health insurance once you have arrived to UCSB and have been formally entered into our payroll system. Enrollment must be completed within 31 days of your employment start date. Any medical costs incurred in the period between your employment date and your enrollment date, (within the 31 day period of initial eligibility or "PIE"), will be covered.

Housing Information
University housing is not available for postdoctoral employees, but there are plenty of housing opportunities in the local community.  You can find information on housing options, neighborhood profiles and estimates of cost at the following link:

Temporary Accommodations
Please click here for a listing of local hotels.

Please click here to download a UCSB campus map. The location of the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) and other buildings noted below are circled in red.

  1. See the MRL Personnel Manager in MRL 2066A to complete your new employee paperwork. Please bring 2 forms of ID. If you are a non-resident alien, please bring your passport and visa authorization.
  2. Non-resident aliens are required to report in person to the front desk of the Office of International Students and Scholars, located in the Student Resources Building, room 3130. Please note that OISS must see you in person with your passport, I-94 and DS-2019 form in order to validate your status in SEVIS.
  3. Non-resident aliens will also need to register in GLACIER, a campus system used for determining tax residency, withholding rates, and income treaty eligibility for non-resident aliens.  Once you are entered into the payroll system, you will receive an e-mail with log-in information for the GLACIER system.  Please follow the instructions and complete the required forms.
  4. Subscribe to the MRL Researcher mailing list by clicking here and entering your e-mail address. Important MRL updates, and notifications of upcoming seminars and events of interest, are sent to this list.
  5. A UCSB netID is required for all employees, and is necessary to access most campus systems, including the wireless network, VPN client, and the library proxy server. Please create a UCSBnetID by visiting the "UCSB Identity Manager" here . To activate your netID, please wait until 1 business day after you have been entered into the campus payroll system, and have your employee ID number and UCSB e-mail address available.
  6. All participants in MRL programs are required to complete safety training prior to beginning work at UCSB. Please complete the required online safety training as soon as you receive your UCSB netID (see item #5 above). Please download the New MRL Participant Safety Form for detailed instructions.