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Getting Started

Add yourself to the MRL Students or MRL Researchers mailing list

To receive notices via email of events here at the MRL and view other mailing lists for the organization visit:

E-Mail/User account for MRL computers

Information and how to apply can be found here.

Use the MRL Webmail Server

  1. Access the MRL email client via the web by going to the following page:

Setup a homepage

In general website are available to non-graduate student researchers.  Graduate students should utilize their home department's web resources.  Contact Fuzzy Rogers in MRL 2066B to gain access to the web server.  To create a website that is displayed by the MRL webserver:

  1. Create a directory called public_web in the root of your home directory.
  2. Create a file named index.html in that subdirectory with your html content.
  3. Review your homepage with the URL

Download and Install UCSB VPN client