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Who to Call in an Emergency

Emergency Assistance
Fire, Police, Medical, Hazardous Material, etc.
Immediate Police, Fire and Medical Assistance

From Campus Phone
From Pay Phone or Residence Hall Phones
From Cell Phones on Campus

When in doubt, don't hesitate to call the paramedics at the above numbers. Their evaluation is FREE and can help determine if an individual needs to go to the emergency room.

Note: Calling 911 from a cellphone will not contact UCSB Dispatch, but rather Ventura - so use of a campus phone to "9-911" is recommended, or dial 893-3446.

Non-Immediate Medical Assistance
UCSB Environmental Health & Safety Emergency Assistance
Chemical spills, odors, leaks, accident investigation, other safety matters
Campus extension, 3194 , from campus phones (24 hour technical assistance line). This number should be staffed during business hours and have a recording other times telling people to either leave a message or call 448-4089. During non-business hours there may be a significant wait until EH&S responds to a message from off-campus.
For immediate life or health-threatening emergencies, do not call EH&S, but dial 9-911 from a campus phone.
Official UCSB Emergency Response Guidelines.
Utility Problems
x-2661 then enter option '4'
7:45 pm, Weekdays
All other times