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Requirements for all people working in the MRL

Everyone working in any MRL Lab is required to have some level of basic Laboratory Safety training and to document that they have completed this training before starting to work in the lab. The required level of training will depend on the work to be done, the facility, and whether the person is officially a member of the UCSB community*. This training includes, at a minimum, UCSB EH&S Lab Safety training and reading the lab's Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Of course additional specific training is also required as determined by the individual lab and the work to be done.

* Member of the UC community means an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a post doctoral researcher, a staff person, a faculty member, a summer intern, or an official visitor. All of these people have rights and responsibilities as members of the UCSB community, see the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan for more on these rights and responsibilities.

Laboratory Safety Training

Most people are required to take the campus Environmental Lab Safety (EH&S) class (LS01) In-Person BEFORE starting work in the lab. The EH&S Lab Safety class is offered In-Person twice quarterly and the schedule is posted online at While this training is also offered Online, the In-Person class is much superior.

Since most people who need to take the class In-Person also need to begin their lab work as soon as possible, we allow TEMPORARY lab access until the next In-Person class by completing the Online class LS60.  The Online Training is available at

Some people may use MRL labs with either the Online or the In-Person Lab Safety class. This applies to people who:

  1. ONLY enter the lab to use analytical instruments, for which they have completed specific training; or
  2. Are undergraduates who will work in the lab less than one quarter.

Everyone else is required to take the class in person.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Most people are required to read the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) for the lab in which they will work BEFORE starting work. The CHP for each MRL Facility and Laboratory is posted here.

Documenting Safety Training

Laboratory Safety training is documented on the MRL Participant form which must be completed and approved before any lab keys are issued. The form may be downloaded here: MRL Safety Form.  When complete, it must be left with Ms. Vogel at MRL room 2066G.

When Non-UC Employees use MRL Facilities

Non-UC Employees must satisfy the same safety requirements as UC Employees - namely EH&S Lab Safety training and any facility or laboratory specific safety training. Please follow the instructions here for satisfying the safety requirements for non-UC Employees.