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DowMI Projects

The scientific research activities of the DowMI focus on different research areas. Each project is led by UCSB faculty in close collaboration with a Dow Project Manager, Technical Liaison and Analytical Contact:


PROJECT 6: Conformal doping of semiconductors and electronic devices

UCSB PI: Rachel Segalman

Dow researchers: Mingqi Li, Peter Trefonas

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PROJECT 8: Fundamentals of emulsion stability

UCSB PI: Todd Squires

Dow researchers: Kathy Whitaker, Chris Tucker

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PROJECT 9: Phase Behavior Fundamentals of Silicone-Organic Hybrid Materials

UCSB PIs: Chris Bates, Morgan Bates, Craig Hawker

Dow researchers: Souvagya Biswas, Jodi Mecca, David Laitar

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