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Thank You ScienceLine Volunteers

June 2021
Every year our ScienceLine recognizes our outstanding answerers in the different fields of science. Today the MRL is very glad to share with you the names of our ScienceLine award winners for the school year 2020-2021, and also the names of faculty, researchers, and graduate students whose constant commitment to ScienceLine contributes to the education of young students. To all of them our most sincere gratitude.
MRL ScienceLine Responder Award: Elias Sebti
ScienceLine Earth Science Award: Paul Alessio and Brian Penserini
ScienceLine Physical Sciences Award: Linus Kautzsch
ScienceLine Life Science Award: Terra Dressler
The MRL would also like to share with you the names of the scientists who will get a recognition certificate for their continuous commitment and participation in our program; all of them have been ScienceLine Award winners in past years:
Avery Samuel, Baoqing Zhou and Gordon Pace from Physical Sciences; Sarah Gerenday and Melissa Scruggs from Earth Science; Caroline Ackley and Yishen Miao from Life Science.
The MRL is also very thankful to the professors, researchers and graduate students who have been participating in ScienceLine through the years, not only with their answers but also with their support in students science projects; their answers are part of the rich content of knowledge that we keep in our data base for the benefit of young students, teachers, and the community. We also appreciate the participation of scientists who have moved to other universities and institutions from where they still continue to support ScienceLine:
Professor Frank Spera
Professor Helen Hansma
Professor Andrew Wyss
Professor Cenke Xu
Professor Rebecca Burton
Professor Antony de Tomaso
Professor Bruce Tiffney
Professor Katy Foltz
Scientist Kai Ewert
Scientist Andy Simpson
Scientist Julia Shimizu Webb
Scientist Misty Rose Riddle
Scientist Aaron Bufe
Thank you for your support and your inspiring enthusiasm which reaches our young students in every one of your answers.  Thank you for showing to our audience the wonders of science, which makes our world a fantastic place to live.