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Scienceline Awards

June 2016
Every year we have the honor of awarding the ScienceLine Scientists who contribute the most and greatest answers to our young students’ questions.  Being a ScienceLine Scientist is a lot of fun, but it also implies generosity and the commitment to invest time sharing knowledge and experience with children and teachers.  
We know that the scientists who participate in ScienceLine want to make a difference in the young students’ lives.  We appreciate and recognize their noble feelings and efforts aimed at improving the education of thousands of kids.  THANK YOU!
For the Academic Year 2015-2016 our winners are:
MRL ScienceLine Award:  Scientist Michael Paull
ScienceLine Award in the field of Physics/Chemistry/Engineering: Scientists Caitlin McDowell and Jimmy Liu.
ScienceLine Award in the field of Life Science: Scientist Nate Emery.
ScienceLine Award in the field of Earth Science: Scientist Jenna Adams.
Special Recognitions for their commitment to ScienceLine:
Scientist Leah Kuritzky
Scientist John H. Abel
Scientist Teresa Gaultois
Scientist Wennie Wang
We also would like to mention the participation of faculty and research scientists who do not get any award; they have our profound recognition for their time and efforts contributing to ScienceLine with their invaluable experience and knowledge:
Kai Ewert
Kathy Foltz
Frank Spera
Todd Squires
Bruce Tiffney
Libe Washburn
Andy Wyss
Finally, we would like to mention the names of three wonderful scientists who are not on campus anymore, but whose heart and commitment are constantly with ScienceLine, and without whom our program would not be able to help the young students with their answers day by day, week by week, and through the year.
Andy Simpson
Rebecca Burton
Helen Hansma
Thank you dear scientists for all you do for ScienceLine.  Each and every one of you make a difference in ScienceLine every day.