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2016 MRL Education Program Awards

June 2016
Congratulations to our 2016 MRL Education Program Graduate Student Volunteer Awardees:
Overall Excellence in Education Outreach: Leo Lamontagne
Outstanding ScienceLine Responder: Michael Paull
Outstanding Research Mentor: Tracy Chuong
Outstanding K-12 Volunteers: Chelsea Catania and Jack Zhang
ScienceLine Award in the field of Physics/Chemistry/Engineering: Scientists Caitlin McDowell and Jimmy Liu.
ScienceLine Award in the field of Life Science: Scientist Nate Emery.
ScienceLine Award in the field of Earth Science: Scientist Jenna Adams.
In 2016, graduate student, postdoc and faculty volunteers worked with over 3000 schoolchildren, 70 teachers and 150 undergraduates through MRL Education Programs!