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Models and Materials

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Models and Materials is a three-year teacher professional development program that brings together teams of local teachers from junior high and high school art and science. The teachers develop integrated curriculum modules that bring visual art concepts to the science classroom and science concepts to the art classroom. The program introduces materials science and but provides a new way to communicate scientific concepts to students.


Sponsored by the National Science Foundation


Teacher Projects and Lesson Plans

Sue and Marie
Teachers: Sue Squires & Marie Chavis
Schools: Los Olivos & Jonata Middle School
Teaching Positions: Middle school science & 8th grade physical science

Betsy and Beth
Teachers: Betsy Villalpando & Beth Corry
Schools: Vandenberg Middle School & Lompoc High School
Teaching Positions: 7th grade life science & Arts

Peggy and Megan
Teachers: Peggy Lubchenco & Megan Cotich
Schools: La Colina Junior High School & La Colina Junior High School
Teaching Positions: 7th grade life science & 7th grade life science

Susan and Emily
Teachers: Susan Baldwin & Emily Kang
Schools: Vandenberg Middle School & Vandenberg Middle School
Teaching Positions: 7th and 8th grade art & Earth science

Photo of participant teachers Bria Pagliaro and Daniel Barnett.
Teachers: Daniel Barnett & Bria Pagliaro
Schools: Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara CA & Deer Valley High School, Antioch CA
Teaching Positions: Art Teacher, Visual Arts & Design Academy Santa Barbara High School & Science Teacher

Photo of participant teachers Ken Paulsen and Debby West.
Teachers: Ken Paulson & Debby West
Schools: Oak Park High School, Oak Park CA & Oak Park Unified School District
Teaching Positions: Career Tech Educator of Architecture and Woodshop & Science Enrichment Specialist

Teacher participants Shannon Carpenter, Jacqueline Keleman,  Meghan Parsons-Field.
Teachers: Shannon Carpenter & Jacqueline Keleman & Meghan Parsons-Field
Schools: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara CA & Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta CA & Dunn School, Los Olivos CA

Photo of participant teachers Alice Laufer and Melanie Pearlman.
Teachers: Alice Laufer & Melanie Pearlman
Schools: Lompoc Valley Middle School, Lompoc CA & Coastline Christian Academy, Goleta CA
Teaching Positions: Middle School Art Teacher & Science Teacher