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Heat transfer experiment and batteries research

A heat transfer experiment by materials science graduate student Elias Sebti

**Videos with accompanying student experiment**


MRL Graduate student Elias Sebti conducts research experiments in the Clement group at UCSB with the goal of replacing the flammable liquid electrolytes in current lithium-ion batteries with non-flammable solids. Elias' work could make batteries safer in the future.  

In these videos, Elias conducts an experiment exploring the concept of heat transfer using lithium ion batteries that he intentionally short circuits!  (Do not try this at home).  

Pt. 1 - Introduction and nail penetration experiment video:

Pt. 2 - Student heat transfer experiment: This project is in collaboration with high school chemistry teacher Daniella Duran.  Mrs. Duran shows how you can conduct your own experiment in your classroom or home, or alternately you can record data in the video here:

Pt. 3 - Conclusion of experiment, graduate school, and batteries research video: 


Further background information on batteries from Elias:


Teachers - please note that Mrs. Durans video is part of a larger more comprehensive project she will present at an upcoming MRL event.